Care for Blankets and Beds

ZuniiDog Beds and Blankets are machine washable. Because the beds are designed to repel moisture they dry quickly and machine drying is not recommended. See specific care instructions below.

Blankets: The blanket is made from 94% recycled olefin/polyester. Machine wash cold, hang to dry. If machine drying is necessary, dry on low or medium heat.

Top Covers: The top cover is made from 88% recycled olefin/polyester. Machine wash cold, hang to dry. If machine drying is necessary, dry on low or medium heat.

Pillows: The pillow is made with a non-woven polyester case and 100% recycled polyester filler. Because the pillow is a consumable part, and does not require the durability of the outer covers, we have designed it to break down quickly. Under normal use the pillow will perform just fine, but when introduced to a landfill environment, the pillow will degrade quickly. Machine wash cold lay flat to dry. If machine drying is necessary; the pillow MUST be zipped inside the base and top cover. Direct contact with a hot dryer will cause the pillow to melt. Dry on low heat only.

Foam Foundations: The foam foundation is the only part of the bed that is not machine washable. The foundation can be cleaned with a sponge, and a mild soap and water solution.

Base Covers: The base cover is made from 100% recycled polyester. Machine wash cold, hang to dry. If machine drying is necessary, dry on low or medium heat.

Materials: All materials are water-resistant, stain-resistant, and antimicrobial. With proper care your ZuniiDog bed will provide your dog with a life time of comfort.


ZuniiDog stands behind all the merchandise we manufacture and sell with a limited lifetime warranty. ZuniiDog will cover premature failure of any of our products caused by a defect in the original materials or workmanship. Pillows and Covers are consumable products that will wear over time. Normal wear of Pillows and Covers is not covered by warranty.

Foundations have a manufacturer's warranty, which is applicable for the life of your dog, and is limited to replacement of the foundation. Foundation warranties cover normal use and wear, but will not be honored in the event of: misuse, neglect, modified, altered, or mis-assembled beds. ZuniiDog reserves the right to repair or replace any damaged merchandise at its option and expense. Buyer is responsible for transportation of any item to our facility.

To make a warranty claim please contact ZuniiDog with the serial number of your bed with ZuniiDog. The serial number is located on the Foam Foundation. To determine the life of the foundation we used the average life span of canines by weight. We understand that ZuniiDog customers care greatly for their pets and their pets will live long lives that exceed the average. So we have added two years to the life of the foundation beyond the average. Please keep in mind that the foundation is over engineered and designed to well exceed the life of even the hardiest dog, so there should be no issues with your foundation. Foundation Warranties are as follows:

Small Size, 0-20 pounds = 17 years
Medium Size, 20-40 pounds = 15 years
Large Size, 40-80 = 14 years
Extra Large Size, 80 pounds plus = 12 years
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Pug Border Collie Mix Retriever Mix Dogue De Bordeaux Mix
19 Pounds 51 Pounds 25 Pounds 90 Pounds
Small Bed Large Bed Medium Bed Exra Large Bed