ZuniiDog is located in Portland, Oregon and all our manufacturing is done in the USA. We do source some materials from the global market place, but we do our best to buy domestic materials whenever possible. We partner with local businesses to provide you with an ecologically and economically friendly product. A majority of the materials used in our beds and blankets have been recycled. Any non recycled material in the product is designed to last the life of the product, and at the end of the product's life, the item can be recycled, reused or composted.

We have designed our products for the active, wet dogs of the Pacific Northwest. Oregon offers us a very diverse climate. Snow covered peaks, arid high desert, wet rain forest, and ocean shores. ZuniiDog beds and blankets are suitable for all these conditions. Every part of our products are designed to repel moisture, so they dry quickly, and clean easily.

We have tested our products in many of the beautiful test environments available to us here in the Pacific Northwest, but the most severe testing has been done at the Family Dogs New Life Shelter.

Family Dogs New Life Shelter is unique in that they do not house their dogs in kennels or dog runs, but in large play groups or packs of anywhere from 8-20 dogs running loose together. Because of their group housing all their dogs are able to play and interact all day long, just like a doggy daycare or dog park. Our beds have performed very well in this environment, and we are getting very positive feedback from the shelter staff.


Family Dogs New Life Shelter

All the models on our website have graciously given up time from frolic and play at Family Dogs New Life Shelter to sit and pose. Family Dogs New Life Shelter is no kill dog shelter devoted to rescuing and re-homing needy dogs regardless of age, breed or history since 2004. familydogsnewlife.org

Meat for Cats and Dogs

Meat proudly supports and supplies the raw food diet for dogs and cats. meatforcatsanddogs.com

Cotton Cloud

Cotton Cloud Futons has been hand-crafting high quality futons in Portland Oregon since 1981. cottoncloudfutons.com

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