The ZuniiDog Commitment

ZuniiDog is committed to supporting your best friend with products that support a healthy planet. ZuniiDog products are made from very durable materials that contain a high content of recycled material. The products are designed to divert materials that do not break down in landfills, from landfills and re-purpose them to a domestically made, sustainable, dog sleeping solution.

ZunniDog beds are modular with replaceable components. We know of no other dog bed on the market that allows you to replace minimal material to maintain comfort for your dog, while reducing impact on the environment. Our goal is to make this the last dog bed you ever buy.

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Pug Border Collie Mix Retriever Mix Dogue De Bordeaux Mix
19 Pounds 51 Pounds 25 Pounds 90 Pounds
Small Bed Large Bed Medium Bed Exra Large Bed